Why us

After visiting all our other pages, you could wonder why should you join a bunch of insane idiots.
Maybe you should! Here’s why:
  • We are a team of motivated youth who, frustrated over the 4 years of Engineering education. We know what exactly is lacking in our college system. (I can write an 500 word essay in this bullet. But am controlling myself)
  • We are not a group of whiners, but are a group of doers. That is how INSANE Labs was born.
  • With the present strides in technology, information is within the reach of even a small kid’s palm. Even as individuals it is possible for one to make a significant achievement in college life. But if a team of such motivated spirits combine, the results will be outstanding and you can invent the future.
  • Can the vision portrayed in 3Idiots / Nanban be realized in the real world? It is Absolutely Possible. But only with a team of INSANE GEEKS and national level network.
  • We have strong backbone supported by a dedicated Advisory Board and Industrial Support. We shall invent the future.


Are you with us in INVENTING THE FUTURE ?


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